Pertosa Caves

A unique and unmissable natural spectacle.

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Description Pertosa Caves

Pertosa Caves , called "Grotte dell'Angelo" too, are located below the mountain range of Alburni. Wedging for about 3,000 meters along the left bank of the river Tanagro. The caves are largely crossed by underground river Negro. The presence of water is due to the water table present in the Alburni massif. These are karst caves whose origin is supposed to be due to tectonic and oscillation phenomena of the basic level of the water table, even dating back to 35 million years ago. Several historians have speculated that were inhabited during the Bronze Age.

A travel through time

They have been found , within the Pertosa Caves, remains of old wooden buildings , to associate with stilts built over the water , as well as typical tools of that era . The finds are now in the Museum of Prehistory and Ethnography in Rome , in the National Archaeological Museum of Naples and in the Provincial Museum of Salerno . Among the Roman manuscripts, there are some quotations from Pliny the Elder that hint at Pertosa Caves, especially in sacred rituals and ceremonies held in these caves by the ancient Greeks and Romans before then . Millenary stalactites and limestone stalagmites , make the Angel of Pertosa Caves , a natural spectacle of rare Millenarie limestone stalactites and stalagmites , make the Pertosa Caves , a natural spectacle of rare beauty . The crossing by boat is one of the essential suggestions for those visiting the areas of Cilento .

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Theatre performance in the caves

In recent years , the incredible scenery of the Pertosa Caves, was lent well to the theatrical performance of " Ulysses journey to Hades " production SRLs The Demiurge , whose founder and director was Francesco Antonio Nappi . The Sfruscia Resort, being a few kilometers from the Pertosa Caves, advises the guests to visit this masterpiece of nature , providing an agreement inputs

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